Chasing Dreams

 How it began… 

Ever since I was little, I always loved coming to the South to visit family. It always felt like home to me. As I got into high school, and started developing the person I was meant to be, I attended country music concerts, where I felt a true connection. The words that these Southern artists sang gave me a sense of completion.

After graduating high school, I went to a community college in Massachusetts, where I pursued my Associates degree. I enjoyed being close to my parents, so once I graduated, I had to choose between two paths: staying close to family, or following my dreams of living in the South…I chose my family.

The year after getting my Associates degree, I spent at a state university in Massachusetts working towards my Bachelors degree. Every day I woke up feeling like something was missing from my life, and in January of 2013, I decided that I wasn’t going to be happy until I lived in the South.

Taking the steps 

Reluctant to hear my parents’ response to their only child moving away, I began by filling out college applications to schools in the South. A friend of mine told me to check out Nicholls State University, as they have a good academic program.

After filling out applications, I told my parents that I wasn’t happy living in Massachusetts, and I wanted to follow my heart. Being the amazing parents that they are, they were willing to support whatever made me happy, even if involved me moving 1,600 miles away.

Much to my surprise, following my acceptance letter to Nicholls, I was informed of an Out-of-State Tuition Fee Waiver for anyone with a 2.0 GPA or higher. That sealed the deal, and in August of 2013, my car was packed and ready to road trip to Thibodaux, Louisiana.

Life in the South

It’s been almost two years since I moved to Louisiana, and I couldn’t be happier. Throughout this journey, I have been able to visit places that I probably never would have (Nashville, Houston, Fayetteville, Panama City Beach, West Monroe, and more). I also have adapted to a new culture, and expanded my food palate tremendously. During Christmas this past year, I even brought my Bayou-bred boyfriend to experience life in New England for a week…Needless to say, he was more than happy to come back to 75-degree weather.

By following my dreams, I have grown as a person, and have made a life for myself. I know that my family will always be there to support me, so taking the steps to follow my Southern heart is the best thing that I have ever done. I am now genuinely happy.


The audio above is an interview with my boyfriend, who was born and raised in Louisiana. He never experienced a New England winter until this past December when he came with me for Christmas.

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