Food Cravings

1904006_10152309857029225_1970128410_nEverywhere you go, there is a specialty food that can’t be made better anywhere else. In New England, we are widely known for our clam chowder and lobsters. People will travel from all over to enjoy the flavors of New England.

When I visited Louisiana for the first time in May of 2013, I tried my first taste of crawfish. While I lived in Massachusetts for the three months to follow, I would crave crawfish so badly.

Now that I live here, I can finally fulfill my cravings…as long as crawfish are in season. Just a few days ago, I wanted crawfish so bad that I could taste it. Finally, I made my boyfriend take me to a new seafood restaurant in Galliano called Cher Amie’s Seafood Restaurant. They have a 3lb. special going on that includes 3 lbs. of crawfish, two potatoes, and a dipping sauce for $22.95. At last, my cravings are settled…for now.


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